Leo Bodnar GPS DO 3D Model

When I do my mechanical and electronic radio (and not only) projects, I always try to design everything in Solidworks, as at the end of the day it always makes things easier, even if initially it takes more time. Then after setting everything up in the 3D model I can see clashed and conflicts, so I can resolve some problems. So I do it sometimes even before my parts arrive. In many cases I can download 3D models representing things like screws, nuts, electronic components like raspberry Pi etc etc etc.

Just recently I have decided to design a portable version of QO-100 station. I have also decided to use a Leo Bodnar 2 outputs GPS DO device. So KI placed the order and then I started designing metal case for the station, some brackets etc etc etc. Then I just realised that it is impossible to find anywhere proper dimensions of the Leo Bodnar GPS DO. With proper dimensions I could design the portable station housing!

Anyway, I had no choice and I had to wait till the device arrives. If you have the same problem, the 3D model can be dowloaded from here:

Typical crappy exclamation: I do not take any responsibility if anything is wrong. If you cannot read the file format I uploaded, use online converter and do not waste my time.

3D model is HERE.

For whatever reasons you need to right click on the link and choose Save link as…

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