How to install SDR# server on Raspberry Pi

I am still trying to figure out which SDR software is the best for me, I am intensively testing SDR++ and SDR#. Installing SDR++ server I described HERE. Now it is a time to show how to install server for SDR# on Raspberry Pi – I am going to do it on Raspberry Pi 4 with 32 bit Lite system.

First of all, install:

sudo apt install rtl-sdr librtlsdr-dev


mkdir spyserver

cd ./spyserver

Then download to your Raspberry Pi a file from for 32 or 64 bit version.

wget -O spyserver.tgz

so I save the tgz file in /home/pi/spyserver

Unpack it:

tar xvzf spyserver-arm32.tgz

sudo pico spyserver.config – edit whatever you need/want to edit

I run the server in screen, by executing the command:


And this is my SDR# on my windows machine connected to SDR# server:


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