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Pentland Hills in Scotland

After a day spent in Edinburgh we went for a walk to small mountains very close to Edinburgh – Pentland Hills. We started out hike near Flotterstone Information Centre – there is still free car park. Our plan was to climb on Scald Law. We started at 2pm and finished at 6pm, however we wasted a lot of time on taking pictures, watching a wild life etc.

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Arleta and I on Holy Island

A few weeks ago Arleta and I decided to spend our holiday in Scotland. On Monday (26.08.2013) at 5 a.m. we started our trip to Scotland, using my replacement car – old Saab 900 🙂 My original car, also Saab, model 95 now is being fixed – turbo died and the guy who is fixing the car gave me a spare Saab.

Anyway, because of that quite long trip, we decided to have a nice brake on our way to Scotland. We chose Holy Island as the best place for the brake.

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