[AL100] – Coupling Loop Bar RX

Article below is a part of the assembly process of the UHF duplexer – main article is HERE.

Drawing below shows a [AL100] – Coupling Loop Bar RX.

Main purpose of the part is to make a copper loop which engages the signal inside of the cavity. Loop is made of 1mm thick and 4mm wide copper.

DO NOT BEND the last 11mm length – you will do it after assembling the  [AL100] – 8mm Aluminium End Cap Top – otherwise you won’t be able to put it through the teflon grommets!!

Please note the TX coupling loops are slightly different, as they work as the notch capacitor!

PDF download HERE
Main conductors, below coupling loops shown together with a bending jig
Coupling loop bending jig
homebrew duplexer – coupling loop prepared for soldering
Special soldering jig – the special plate with a recess helps to keep gas torch heat on the copper plate.
homebrew duplexer – coupling loop soldered to a copper plate
homebrew duplexer – coupling loop soldered to a copper plate – viewed from the other side
coupling loops and the conductor soldered to a copper plate

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