[AL100] – 8mm Aluminium End Cap Top

Article below is a part of the assembly process of the UHF duplexer – main article is HERE.

Drawing below shows a [AL100] – 8mm Aluminium End Cap Top.

Main purpose of the part is to protect everything what is inside of the duplexer’s cavity and also to support a copper plate together with a copper conductor – the main resonance element. Unless you have a CNC router (or special skills :P) and you can drill all holes perfectly aligned, the best idea is to prepare [AL100] – 8mm Aluminium End Cap Top and [AL100] – Copper Plate together, so all the holes will perfectly align. I used a printed 1:1 drawings to pre-punch holes and then drill them on a pillar drill.

PDF download HERE
Copper Plate – punching
Aluminium plate – punching
Copper Plate – Drilling
Aluminium plate and copper plate assembled and ready for tuning on a lathe
Holes drilled through both plates in the same time
Both plates marked with the same number
Jig – copper plate – cap
A groove in the middle of the end plate – will help with drilling and tapping holes

IMPORTANT!!! The copper plate must be assembled to the [AL100] – Copper PlateGoogle Pixel 5 (4.38mm, f/1.73, 1/112 sec, ISO59)
using Ox-Gard anti oxidant compound. Aluminium and copper hate each other and this paste will help to keep a good connection between them.

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