Sky at night – my first “pro” :) night photos

Tonight I took a few photos of the night sky. That was my first time when I had done pictures of stars at night sky. I used a simple DSLR camera, standard lens 18-55mm and a tripod. I tried ISO-800 and then ISO-400.

I realised that a focal length 18mm and exposure time up to 30sec keep all stars “frozen”. Longer focal length makes this time shorter. Also the closer to the horizon angular velocity of stars is greater and exposure time should be shorter.


sky-at-night-01NIKON D3100 (18mm, f/3.5, 30.6 sec, ISO800)
sky-at-night-02NIKON D3100 (20mm, f/3.8, 18.7 sec, ISO800)
sky-at-night-03NIKON D3100 (20mm, f/3.8, 4.7 sec, ISO800)
sky-at-night-04NIKON D3100 (20mm, f/3.8, 30.9 sec, ISO800)
sky-at-night-05NIKON D3100 (20mm, f/3.8, 106.9 sec, ISO800)
sky-at-night-06NIKON D3100 (20mm, f/3.8, 120.6 sec, ISO400)
sky-at-night-07NIKON D3100 (20mm, f/3.8, 234.7 sec, ISO400)
sky-at-night-08NIKON D3100 (55mm, f/5.6, 7.9 sec, ISO400)
sky-at-night-09NIKON D3100 (55mm, f/5.6, 4.8 sec, ISO400)
sky-at-night-10NIKON D3100 (55mm, f/5.6, 27.9 sec, ISO400)
sky-at-night-11NIKON D3100 (18mm, f/3.5, 59 sec, ISO400)

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