In Inventor drawing I can’t select pattern in the tree

Today I found a very strange problem with Autodesk Inventor. I have got a pattern of 300 items, which should be visible in the 3D model, but I do not want to show them in the drawing. My drawing view is not associated with the 3D model so I can hide/unhide parts in the drawing independently to the 3D model view.

Today I got very surprised when I found that I can’t even select pattern with left click in the drawing! Right click provides options not related to the pattern. Strangely, I have not found any problem with hiding/unhiding parts in the drawing, only the patters give me a headache 🙂 Also in the 3D model hiding/unhiding the pattern was not a problem at all – looks like the problem appears only in the drawing.

I tried to google the solution but I have not found anything sensible.

So my option was to expand the pattern and hide by hand all 300 items – sounds creazy!

But I found the way to cheat and resolve the Autodesk Inventor problem:

The solution is to associate the drawing view with 3D model:

Next step is to go to the 3D model, hide the pattern in the 3D model so all items from the pattern will disappear in the drawing. As I mentioned before, because I want to keep them visible in the 3D model it is not a solution. The solution is to hide the pattern, then to deselect associative checkbox in the drawing. Now you can unhide pattern in the 3D model but the pattern will stay hidden in the drawing.

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