How to connect Raspberry Pi Zero to the Ethernet cable network – use a spare Amazon Network Adaptor :)

To get a better stability of the network it is almost always better to connect Raspberry Pi to the cable rather than Wi-Fi. With Raspberry Pi 3 or 4 it is very easy, but the Raspberry Pi Zero and Zero 2 do not come with the RJ45 ethernet network socket. Of course the solution is to connect it through a USB network adaptor. Today I actually found a very nice solution. Ages ago I used to watch Amazon Prime Video with Firestick connected to the network with the Amazon Network Adaptor. When I bought a smart TV I decided to sell the stick and I stayed with unused network adaptor from Amazon. It was a very nice surprise to find out it works perfect with Raspberry Pi Zero 2. Also the adaptor is equipped with a micro USB plug which works perfect with Raspberry Pi. Most RJ45 USB network adaptors come with a standard size USB plugs and you won’t have enough room for the micro USB to normal size adaptor, as the other micro USB socket is located very close. Of course you can buy a micro USB network adaptor, but the selection is not so great. The other solution, especially if you want to use also a mouse and keyboard is to use a micro USB hub – see the other picture. Using the USB hub will let you use a standard size USB accessories. Anyway, the solution with the Amazon Network Adaptor for Raspberry Pi Zero 2 was absolutely perfect for me as I connect to it remotely. There is no need to connect a micro USB power cable to the adaptor, as it was required only to power up the Amazon Firestick. Raspberry Pi has got two micro USB sockets, so one is for power, the other one is for USB devices.

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