Working from home… chair and carpet problem

Working from home… I found that my bedroom upstairs is the only one room in our house which is quiet enough to concentrate on my job. However we have recently replaced the carpet. Quick research online and I found that the office chair wheels will quickly damage the carpet. To protect the carpet from getting damaged some people buy thick rubber mats which look horrible.

I decided to buy a small rug. But immediately it started creating the problems. As the carpet and especially carpet’s underlay are very soft, the rug surface started rolling (I do not have a pic to show) and it’s surface started getting very uneven.

The solution I found is great was 3mm thick MDF, bonded to the rug surface using PVA!

Now the rug surface is very hard, rug surface is perfectly even and flat, the office chair is rolling very nicely, carpet is not getting damaged.

Now I am perfectly happy with my home office 🙂

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