SKT Full Width Theme for WordPress – How To Increase Homepage Slides Numbers

Together with the WordPress 3.9.2  on I run my favourite photo theme SKT Full Width 1.3.9 (on 24 Aug 2014).

The free version of the theme offers 5 homepage sliders. If you buy a PRO version it will be increased to 15 pictures.

In my opinion even 15 slides could be not enough in some cases.

The example below shows what to do to increase slider quantity from limited 5 to 6, but you can keep increasing as much as you wish (click on pictures to see them in the better resolutions).

File functions.php is responsible for displaying the right pictures quantity on the home page.



File options.php is responsible for increasing numbers of form windows in the control panel.





There is one more file, inside of languages folder, called skt_full_width.pot. I do not understand what that file does. In case of any problems, possibly you need to edit this file too. Also I decided to raise very random id numbers:

skt_full_widthThere is nothing to be changed inside of the MySQL database 🙂


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