Short report after a plumber visit

About 10 months ago we rented a flat from Wensum agency in Norwich.

We immediately found the problem with a pipe under the kitchen’s sink and we reported this fact to the Wensum agency. The problem was that the strange construction made from the CD box and cup was not good enough and started to leak. The stink was very unpleasant in the main and adjacent cupboards.

The Wensum agency started to ignore our phone calls, just kept saying ye ye ye we will send a plumber.

After about 10 months of deceiving us I did a small argument and they promised to send someone.

Today, when I was at work, my girlfriend, who was at home, heard that someone knocked the door. She was tired after a night shift at work and she decided to not opening the door, because during a day time people who knock doors usually just try to sell something.

So, she become really shocked when she realised that someone started to opening the door! Fortunately she was not in any stupid situation like having the shower etc.

The funny thing is that I said very clearly that we do not wish anybody from agency to come to the flat when we are not at home. They broke this rule and they even did not try to call us!

It was the plumber. He also decided to fix the thermostat on the radiator in our bedroom. I even forgot that I reported not working radiator, which was in September 2013 🙂 Today is 02 June 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!! So they decided to fix radiator in the summer time. Great! The reason I forgot about radiator was that the last winter was not very cold.

Anyway, the plumber, during fixing the thermostat damaged two walls and our private stuff on the desk, which fortunately was not very expensive or important. What happened? When he opened  the thermostat the pressured water just exploded making everything around dirty.

2014.06.02 - Plumber Visit - Wensum - 01NIKON D7000 (8mm, f/4.5, 1/3 sec, ISO200)
2014.06.02 - Plumber Visit - Wensum - 02NIKON D7000 (8mm, f/4.5, 1/3 sec, ISO200)

Everything inside of the red line is dirty now.2014.06.02 - Plumber Visit - Wensum - 03NIKON D7000 (8mm, f/4.5, 1/3 sec, ISO200)

The good news – he fixed the radiator.

Then he attempted to fixing the sink’s pipe in our kitchen.

When he found the strange construction he said: all is ok and normal. The stink is normal too. There is nothing to worry about:

2014.06.02 - Plumber Visit - Wensum - 04NIKON D7000 (8mm, f/4.5, 2 sec, ISO200)


Today I asked myself: should I laugh or cry? 🙂

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