Seagem 5364-3 DHCP Invalid IP Address

Few days ago I signed online a broadband contract with TalkTalk. Day later I received the Seagem 5364-3 router (by the TalkTalk called a hub). How big was my disappointment when I found that I can’t manage my IP addresses through DHCP server! I just kept getting the error message saying:

Invalid IP Address. Of course the IP address was OK!

What I found online during the search was that some other customers had the same problem in 2018 and 2019. Apparently everybody was waiting for the router firmware (software) patch. So I started to worry since then nobody fixed the problem.

Fortunately I also found that the hubs are getting updates during the night time. I think my router got the update at roughly 3am British time. I woke up next day and ta dah! Al started working correctly. The original software version was FAST5364 3.00 SG4K10001400t, and I got updated to THE VERSION SG4K10002816t.

So if you experience the same problem – do not panic. Just wait for the nearest night.

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