Nikon D600 sensor dust problem.



I bought my Nikon D600 on 6th of February 2013. I was very happy with my camera. Just for a few days. Then, after a few days I got a few first dots on my pictures – just after a few days of using the camera and a few hundreds pictures taken!!!! Then I found in internet, that this particular model is familiar with this problem… But, it was too late, the camera was already bought so I sent the camera for repairing.

On the 22nd of February (about two weeks after purchasing) the camera was sent for repairing. Nikon kept the camera for almost a month.





Unfortunately, just after a next couple weeks the camera got dirty sensor again! I decided to wait about two months before I send my camera for repairing again.

Nikon kept my camera again for about a month period. I was very lucky that also I have a Nikon D7000, which actually has similar problem 🙁

The Nikon D600 was sent for the next repairing (if I remember this well) in September 2013.


Nikon kept the camera again for about a month.



Just a few days ago (January 2014), when I was doing a night photos I found the problem with dirty D600 sensor again 🙁 It was so flustrating! Just look at the picture below – it is a disaster:

Nikon D600 dirty sensorNIKON D600 (14mm, f/10, 10 sec, ISO100)


Of course I could try to clean the sensor myself, however I tried to do it on my Nikon D7000 and actually I made the problem even worse…So this time I got very angry at Nikon and I send them an email:

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Then I got two answer from Nikon:

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and then, again, email from Nikon:

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The answer above is a standard answer so I decided to reopen my case and send another email to them – this time I was really angry – I apologise for that…

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D600 problem with the sensor is NOT a secret. It was even described in monthly photo magazine (possibly not only that one):
nikon-d600-sucksSony C6603 (4.1mm, f/2.4, 1/50 sec, ISO50)

Now I am waiting for response.


After 2 days I received the response:


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My answer:

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Well, we will see what happen 🙂


On 4th of February 2014 I sent my camera to Nikon service in Surrey, using post label sent to me and prepaid by Nikon . On 5th I received confirmation, that they received the camera.

On 17th on February (almost 2 weeks later!) I received email saying that they received spare parts for my camera. WTF? They did not have spare part like a shutter in stock?

Whatever. I am still waiting.


A few days later I received a fixed camera. About 1000 shots later I cannot see any dust or oil marks on the sensor. Let’s wait a few thousand pictures more 🙂



Update: disaster!


Here we go again. After about 2…3k shots later Nikon changed the D600 shooter mechanism I found small dots in the left upper corner of my pictures. They are visible now with aperture like f11 but I am sure it will become worst. What a crap this Nikon is!


On Tuesday 15.04.2014 I wrote a complain to them. I requested again full money refund or replacing my D600 with D610 even with a small extra charge.

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The answer was received a few days later, on 23 April 2014:

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Wow, they decided to collect the camera without usual stupid questions and conditions. However it is not the end of the story yet. Firstly, because I have not sent the camera yet – I have just finished a big test – I decided to take 10.000 pictures and see what happen. The first picture below shows dirty spots (in green circles) about 2 months and 5000 pictures after replacing the shutter mechanism I found that the sensor is dirty again! The second picture shows the same scene after 10.000 shots – you can see (in red circles) a few new dirty spots from the sensor oil. The third picture shows how the test was taken 🙂

00001NIKON D600 (24mm, f/20, 1/5 sec, ISO100)

10574NIKON D600 (24mm, f/20, 1/5 sec, ISO100)

dirty-sensor-nikon-d600-time-lapseNIKON D7000 (24mm, f/5, 1/60 sec, ISO200)

And here you can see a timelapse video made from there 10.000 shots:

So, at this stage I try to get the replacement – Nikon D610 which is (apparently) free from this dirty sensor problem. I can also accept a full money refund. I am not asking Nikon for the camera replacement, because I want to get the new one, I am asking because I want to get a camera which will work properly. Canon does not have this problem at all!

Here is a paper letter which I sent to Nikon together with the camera:

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UPDATE 2014.05.16:
Nikon replaced my D600 with D610 for free 🙂

EDIT: 2015.03.22:

… but the problem is NOT over.

D610 do the same:

D610 dust problemNIKON D610 (24mm, f/6.3, 1/10 sec, ISO100)

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