I love co2 in my tropical aquarium

Co2 supplied from… extinguisher 🙂
CO2 Regulator

What’s a point to pay extra for the posh original aquarium co2 system?

I made the complited co2 set for my tropical aquarium from the following items:

Co2 extinguisher – the bottle with co2 inside

CO2 regulator – the pressure in the extinguisher cylinder is much too high to cope with. This device reduces the pressure to a sensible value. Also it has a precise valve which let you adjust the dosage. Two manometers let you control the pressure. The bubble counter is the best way to check amount of gas going into the fish tank.

Adaptor – accidentally i bought a regulator with G5/8 thread. My extinguisher come with W21. 8 thread. The adaptor does a great job and connects both together.

Diffuser. A small device diluting gas in water. Nice, smart device with a reflux valve built in. However it’s another unnatural item in the tank. I am going to replace it with a i line reactor from here.

This is not a subject of this post, but co2 is not everything. It must be balanced with strong enough light and plant food, like micro fertiliser and also I add an extra liquid nitrogen. Some plants grow even 30…40mm a day!!

Anyway, I really recommend co2 in a fish tank 🙂

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