Hugin – Enfused panorama picture is too bright

I have recently updated a Hugin to 2013.0.0.0 version from 2012. In the 2012 version all my panoramas had amazing qualities.

When I tried to stitch my input images in Hugin 2013 I got this result:

panorama-badNIKON D600 (0mm, f/0, 1/inf sec, ISO0)

when correct image should look like the one below:

panorama-okNIKON D600 (0mm, f/0, 1/inf sec, ISO0)


The image above has a very wired colours. The picture is quite bright with unsaturated colours, general efect is very bad :(. When the original JPEGs contain some black or dark areas, they becomes grey. I found that the temporary TIFF files which are generated during blending process are correct and colours are exactly the same as on my basic, input files:


frameNIKON D600 (14mm, f/6.3, 8 sec, ISO400)


Research on internet gave me a great solution:



If you enter option:

–no-ciecam <– do not copy this, retype this manually (minus minus no minus ciecam), because my website makes “minus minus” symbol as a single char.

into enblend button the result will be perfect again 🙂


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