How to unlock *.exe file in outlook

Just few days ago somebody sent me an *.exe file to my personal email which is hosted on my own server. Unfortunately I did mistake, and I downloaded the email using Outlook, which is configured to delete all copies of the emails from the server. I expected the *.exe file to be sent to me, as it is a software I needed for my project.

I can only guess, if – instead of using Outlook to download the email – I go to my webmail and just save the attachment separately, I could get the exe file. Unfortunately, as the copy on the server was deleted, I stayed with nothing.

However, when I looked at the email – I still was able to see that the email is 6MB big:

I had a feeling straight away that the file is still there, but simply blocked. This is a view of the blocked file:

Quick research and I found he solution to unblock the *.exe file.

You need to open registry (type regedit), and then follow the path to your Outlook:

Add a new string value called Level1Remove and add its value .exe. After restarting outlook the file appeared – happy days! However, I highly recommend to delete the entry just after saving the file!

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