How to save WordPress page as…

I very often create articles in two languages. It would be so much easier if in WordPress there is a feature like “Save as…”. But it is not. Selecting everything by pressing CTRL+A very often selects only one paragraph or everything – see pictures below:

CTRL+A selects everything
In the EDIT mode CTRL+A also selects everything
In EDIT mode, when a paragraph is active, CTRL+A will select only one paragraph
Clicking in area indicated in the picture above and THEN pressing CTRL+A is the option to copy the WordPress article correctly
There is one more option which will let you copy the WordPress article correctly – see picture above. Click option called “Copy all content”.

Then you open a new article, and paste the article using CTRL-V shortcut. You will still have to add manually all tags etc. However the text and all pictures will get copied correctly without duplicating them in the media library.

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