How to monitor system logs for Linux or Raspberry Pi

I am not the Linux expert so sometimes I struggle with very simple Linux commands on my Raspberry Pi. Few days ago I installed a network monitor called Smokeping. It is an amazing system but… it worked for roughly and then it kept stopping:

Restarting Raspberry was helpful for just few minutes and then it stopped working again. Of course without checking logs you have got no chance to know what was wrong! I even did not know where the logs were and how to check them! So quick research and I found that the Linux logs are kept here:


The easiest way to find out what was the problem with my smokeping was to type a command:

tail -f /var/log/syslog

So the solution was to turn off sending emails with warnings:

Of course the proper solution is to get the sendmail properly configured. But it is another story 🙂

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