How to fix Logik / Hoover / Candy fridge

Today my fridge died. The fridge stopped giving a cool, there was no light inside, the fan did not work too.

What I found, on the back wall of the fridge, in the top left corner, there is a plastic cover, and under the cover there is a mainboard PCB. Quick look and I found there is a high voltage, but I can’t find any working 5V or 12V as marked on the PCB.

First of all I tried to find online a spare PCB. The part number for the PCB is HT-PCB-247-A11195A-PCVO4. The only spare I found was in China, with 3 weeks delivery time. Pointless. Then I found the same PCB is used on the following fridges: Logik, Candy, Hoover.

So I had no choice but to find what is wrong with the PCB. See on the picture below. I found a faulty diode, marked with arrow. This is a standard diode, you can replace it with almost any basic diode. Once the diode got replaced, the fridge started working perfectly.

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