How to find out what is the version of Anytone AT-D578

Just few days ago I decided to buy the Anytone AT-D578UV I really struggle to find out what is a different between them. I did see some versions called UV, UVIII, Pro and Plus. Everything become a bit more clear when I found the table below. First off all, every single time you see III – it means it is a tribander for the US market (220MHz band available only in the US). UV or UVIII (with no pro or plus) whey do not have the additional APRS PCB included inside of the radio. They also do not have GPS either bluetooth. Version “G” comes with GPS and APRS, but still with no bluetooth. The Pro version which I bought, comparing to the “G” version comes with bluetooth. The highest version, Plus, comes with airband (which I do not need) and with *receiving* analog APRS signals. The firmware is a bit mess, as the firmware is all the same for all versions except version “Plus”, which has a firmware called UVII.

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