How to clean front door and spout on De’Longhi ESAM 4200

After I year of using I know the machine has a serious hygienic issue. Despite of cleaning the machine every month, as recommended, inside of the machine, on the infuser and inside of the chamber I experience a mould.

Also the front door is not removable, so you can’t properly clean it, as the door should be soaked in the water for a proper cleaning.

Unfortunately I have cleaned the mould from the infuser before I decided to do this review so I can’t show the problem in the pictures, but it was quite bad. My guess is the infuser should be perfectly dry before attaching back to the machine.

But I managed to upload the pictures of the front door and the spouts. Also the chamber inside is so complicated than it is almost impossible to clean it properly. Please trust me, the front door is impossible to clean properly if you can’t remove it from the machine.

This is why I decided to find the way how to remove the front door together with spouts from the machine. What had to be done was to drill a small hole at the bottom of the door and then I managed to remove the hinge pin with a small pliers. Do not try to use a standard size pliers as they are too big.

After cleaning, it is easy to put the hinge pin back, it sits quite tight, so I do not think it will keep moving out while the door opens and closes.

Good luck – please remember, you do it on your own responsibility 🙂

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