[AL100] – 4 inches aluminium tube

Article below is a part of the assembly process of the UHF duplexer – main article is HERE.

Drawing below shows a [AL100] – 4 Inches Aluminium Tube

Main purpose of the part: it is the main part of the cavity – all components are inside of the tube.

PDF download HERE
It is important to have a end cap inside of the tube of the duplexer’s cavity so jaws will not crush the tube.
Now it is the best time to punch holes. I printed a template using 2 x A3 sheets – I will be able to drill all holes in perfect positions. Also it helps to indicate where to do a cut-out – see picture below
Cutting the cut-out – the oak jig is VERY helpful
Drilling holes in the duplexer’s cavity. I decided to drill all holes using 2.5mm drill bit and then I will be able to place the end caps and position them perfectly in the middle watching the tiny groove – see the picture below. It will happen at a bit later stage – the plan is to drill 16mm deep both aluminium tube and end cap using diameter 3.2mm drill bit and than tap M4. Having 2.5mm holes first and watching the groove will help to position perfectly the end caps!
Groove on the side of the end cap
Groove inside of the hole
Drilling holes in the duplexer’s cavity

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