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Eastern Gray Squirrel

Eastern Gray Squirrel (PL: Wiewiórka Szara)

In the United Kingdom and in Ireland, the eastern gray squirrel has few natural predators. This has aided its rapid population growth and has led to the species being classed as a pest. Measures are being devised to reduce its numbers, including one plan for celebrity television chefs to promote the idea of eating the squirrels. Continue reading Eastern Gray Squirrel

The otter couple in the river near Norwich

Today I took a journey on my pushbike through Marriott’s Way. Just a 3 or 4 miles from Norwich I found the bridge over a small river. When I was taking photos of birds I heard a strange noise from the river. I looked there and I realised I can see… otter couple. I immediately took a few photos. I used a bridge (on the first photo) as a “natural cover”. Only my head was visible from the river. Of course I knew the animals saw me, but I was hoping they treat a single head as a small hazard 🙂 I think it worked 🙂 Continue reading The otter couple in the river near Norwich

Marriotts Way – My Wildlife Photography

Today (Saturday) I decided to try a new (for me) cycle track called Marriott’s Way. It starts in Norwich near Halfords and leads to Aylsham. It is a 26 mile cycle route! The way is for walkers, cyclist and horse riders.

Today, during my trip I saw many interesting landscapes and wild animals like birds, rabbits and also horses, rams and donkeys.

I finished my journey in Whitwell / Reepham which is about 15 miles from the point where Marriott’s Way starts.

I took some photos, the best ones I decided to publish in this post. I used 3 different lenses: Nikkor 55-300mm, Tamron 90mm Macro, Samyang 8mm Fisheye. Please look below and enjoy 🙂 Continue reading Marriotts Way – My Wildlife Photography