Yagi PCB Laminate 2.4GHz Antenna test – SWR

Few days ago I bought a Yagi antenna switch supposed to work as WiFi directional antenna. I am personally going to use it for a different purpose – I am going to transmit to an amateur geostationary QO-100 satellite.

Please be aware the QO-100 2.4GHz receives has a circular polarization antenna and people to transmit use RHCP (right hand circular polarization) antennas which are placed in the focal point of dish antennas do after reflecting the wave becomes LHCP (this R/L needs to be confirmed). As the result of using a linear polarization (doesn’t not matter if you decide to use H, V or angled polarization) you will loose 3dB, which is not a disaster for QO-100.

The antenna was bought on eBay:

There is a lot of “support” from the seller:

In that case I decided to check same parameters of the antenna – I cannot do too much with a nano VNA meter however it is always better than nothing:

So the Yagi 2.4GHz antenna has a resonance at 2.5GHz, but I have got no idea how accurate is my nano VNA meter.

The SWR reading for the resonance frequency is 1.14 which is great, however the resonance could be a bit lower.

At the frequency of 2.4GHz the SWR is 1.49 which is acceptable.

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