Working from home – two small screens and one large? Size matters! :)

I work form home since March 2020. Probably like everybody I expected it will be a temporary solution for a month or two and I will go back into the office quickly. See how wrong I was? 🙂 Anyway, I took my two 24 inches screens from the office into my home. I created my home office in my bedroom 🙂

I am a mechanical design engineer so having a good display is quite important to see all details nicely.

I did not want to spend £1000 on a professional large screen. I decide to go different way. First off all I tried to buy a 43” second hand TV but everybody kept selling these screens size in HD, rather than in UHD 4k resolution. Anything second hand was 55” or bigger which does not make me surprised, as in the 4k resolution everybody kept buying big screens! Nowadays normal people do not buy 43” 4k screens…

Anyway, as I had no choice I decided to buy a 43” Hitachi TV. I paid £309.99 here: It was a very good choice. I am very happy with the screen.

The only one thing is you have to set up the screen in gaming mode, otherwise the small details will get blurred. Otherwise it was a perfect decision!!

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