Taking pictures with a neutral grey filter – in Norwich

Today I took a few pictures with a 10 step high density neutral filter (10 steps) and… polarizing filter in the same time 🙂 A cocked up a few pictures, I got very awful, strange, horizontal line in the frame. Then a realised that I should have put something on the viewfinder eye to make it blind and avoid a fake light coming into a camera. I used a small piece of paper, it was not a perfect solution, but worked well enough. When I came home I found a original Nikon bung so I will use it next time 🙂

2013.08.03 - Norwich - HDR-01NIKON D600 (24mm, f/11, 1/5 sec, ISO100)
2013.08.03 - Norwich - HDR-02NIKON D600 (14mm, f/11, 1/5 sec, ISO100)


Picture without polarizing filter:

2013.08.03 - Norwich - HDR-03NIKON D600 (24mm, f/13, 111 sec, ISO100)


Picture with polarizing filter:

2013.08.03 - Norwich - HDR-04NIKON D600 (24mm, f/13, 115 sec, ISO100)
2013.08.03 - Norwich - HDR-05NIKON D600 (35mm, f/11, 120 sec, ISO100)


And this is a photo without the plug…

2013.08.03 - Norwich - 06NIKON D600 (24mm, f/11, 36 sec, ISO100)

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