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How to photograph stars at sky – tutorial

This short tutorial explains how to shoot pictures of stars.


I should choose as dark as possible place in your area. Map shows light pollution is here:  https://earthbuilder.google.com/10446176163891957399-13737975182519107424-4/mapview/


It is also better to avoid (obviously) time just before sunrise or just before sunset. Also, to get more stars it is better to chose night without moon o when the moon is small.

To check sun and moon rise and set go here: http://sunrisesunsetmap.com/


Camera and lens.

Better camera – better shot. Full frame camera will give you of course much better quality. But do not worry: APSC DSLR will be good enough. I have no experience with shooting with compact cameras. I am guessing both manual focusing either exposure exposition is required. Lens – for shooting stars I always prefer ultra wide lenses. I usually use Nikkor 14-24 f2.8.


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Happisburgh at Night

Just one, however a very nice photo from last night. We drove over 25 miles from Norwich to the one of the darkest places in Norfolk – Happisburgh. Dark area guarantees more nice stars visible and no awful bright parts of picture just over the horizon. It could be impossible to take so nice picture of stars in Norwich (or any bigger city).

Happisburgh at NightNIKON D610 (14mm, f/3.2, 30 sec, ISO1600)


Here is a map, shows where are the darkest parts of the world (light pollution):


Marriott’s Way at Night

Arleta and I took a few pictures last night, during our bicycle short trip. We played with shadows and we tried to take a nice night sky picture, but it was not very easy because of the very small distance to Norwich. The sky just was not dark enough. I tried to improve the picture is Photoshop but unfortunately the result is not great.

Anyway, I really like Arleta’s shadows – we had a great fun when we were taking these pictures.

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