Pinebanks Norwich – Abandoned Leisure Centre – Panorama 360° x 180°

360° x 180° Panorama from abandoned Pinebanks Leisure Centre in Norwich.

The funny thing was that just a few hours later the over hundred people gang came there to have a illegal rave:
“They were like rats climbing over the gates trying to get into the place. There were hundreds of them” – 12 arrests and police officer injured as bottle-throwing crowd tries to enter illegal rave in Thorpe St Andrew. The former Pinebanks Sports and Social Club, Thorpe St Andrew,  where police were called to close down an illegal rave, that resulted in twelve arrests and injury to an officer.
More info HERE.


Edit (2014.07.17): Some idiots put a fire on the Pinebanks which was completely destroyed last night 🙁 Source:


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