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How to clean fromt door and spout on De’Longhi ESAM 4200

After I year of using I know the machine has a serious hygienic issue. Despite of cleaning the machine every month, as recommended, inside of the machine, on the infuser and inside of the chamber I experience a mould.

Also the front door is not removable, so you can’t properly clean it, as the door should be soaked in the water for a proper cleaning.

Unfortunately I have cleaned the mould from the infuser before I decided to do this review so I can’t show the problem in the pictures, but it was quite bad. My guess is the infuser should be perfectly dry before attaching back to the machine.

But I managed to upload the pictures of the front door and the spouts. Also the chamber inside is so complicated than it is almost impossible to clean it properly. Please trust me, the front door is impossible to clean properly if you can’t remove it from the machine.

This is why I decided to find the way how to remove the front door together with spouts from the machine. What had to be done was to drill a small hole at the bottom of the door and then I managed to remove the hinge pin with a small pliers. Do not try to use a standard size pliers as they are too big.

After cleaning, it is easy to put the hinge pin back, it sits quite tight, so I do not think it will keep moving out while the door opens and closes.

Good luck – please remember, you do it on your own responsibility 馃檪

Jak pozby膰 si臋 muszek owoc贸wek

Jak pozby膰 si臋 z domu muszek owoc贸wek – domowy spos贸b

Metoda ta srawdza si臋 nie tylko w przypadku聽muszek owoc贸wek, ale much w og贸le, a tak偶e komar贸w i innych insekt贸w. Wystarczy mie膰 w domu cytryn臋, limonk臋 i paczk臋 go藕dzik贸w.

Przekr贸j cytryn臋 na p贸艂 i do ka偶dej cz臋艣ci wbij ok. 10 go藕dzik贸w. Tak przygotowane owoce ustaw tam, gdzie muszki pojawiaj膮 si臋 najcz臋艣ciej – w kuchni, na parapecie okna, na stole w ogrodzie. Po kr贸tkim czasie przekonasz si臋, 偶e owady znikn膮 szybko i bez 艣ladu, nie pojawi膮 si臋 te偶 nowe.

Dlaczego cytryny z go藕dzikami odstraszaj膮 muszki? Wszystko dzi臋ki ich zapachowi – intensywny aromat聽go藕dzik贸w聽i cytrus贸w skutecznie odstrasza insekty, a nam przynosi nie tylko ulg臋, jest r贸wnie偶 fajnym naturalnym od艣wie偶aczem powietrza i dekoracj膮.

Zamiast ca艂ych go藕dzik贸w i聽cytryn, mo偶na u偶y膰 r贸wnie偶 go藕dzikowego olejku eterycznego (wystarczy doda膰 go do 艣rodk贸w czyszcz膮cych).

PTC Creo – Simplified rep.

Small explanation about using simplified rep. in Creo PTC with example.

Today I was doing 3D model and drawing of the aluminium frame. To do it correctly welders have to use welding jig. There is no point to keep it shown in the 3D model however if you simply hide it you won’t be able to show it in the drawings (using component display will not work).

The solution is simplified rep. Open view manager, click Simp Rep tab, click new and type (in my case) Welding.

The last part is set up as invisible in welding view, but will be visible in master rep view.

In drawing it is also easy to set this up:

Pelagia Michalik – Experimental Rabbit at Nazis (German) Camp Ravensbruck

It is a bit sad part of my family’s history. During the WWII my mum’s step sister was a member of a resistance movement and was caught in 1941. She was sent to Ravensbruck Nazi camp where she was a part of medical experiments done by German doctors.

She was freed in 1945 by allies and sent to Sweden by the Swedish Red Cross for a treatment. Unfortunately she was in a very bad condition and after returning to Poland she died very soon. During her treatment in Sweden she got a small gift – a china rabbit – as she was an experimental rabbit. We have got the rabbit in our Welsh dresser.


3D Printed funnel – how to print in vase mode

My wife asked me to print a funnel. I realised that I have never before printed anything in vase mode. The first attempt gave me a nice funnel, however only the narrow bit of the funnel has been printed in vase mode. The wide part got an unwanted seam.


I have quickly realised the angle is a key factor. The wide part of the funnel had 45 deg. angle. I changed that to 50deg and… voila 馃檪 The printer is printing perfect seamless funnel 馃檪