Monthly Archives: February 2019

Pelagia Michalik – Experimental Rabbit at Nazis (German) Camp Ravensbruck

It is a bit sad part of my family’s history. During the WWII my mum’s step sister was a member of a resistance movement and was caught in 1941. She was sent to Ravensbruck Nazi camp where she was a part of medical experiments done by German doctors.

She was freed in 1945 by allies and sent to Sweden by the Swedish Red Cross for a treatment. Unfortunately she was in a very bad condition and after returning to Poland she died very soon. During her treatment in Sweden she got a small gift – a china rabbit – as she was an experimental rabbit. We have got the rabbit in our Welsh dresser.


3D Printed funnel – how to print in vase mode

My wife asked me to print a funnel. I realised that I have never before printed anything in vase mode. The first attempt gave me a nice funnel, however only the narrow bit of the funnel has been printed in vase mode. The wide part got an unwanted seam.


I have quickly realised the angle is a key factor. The wide part of the funnel had 45 deg. angle. I changed that to 50deg and… voila 🙂 The printer is printing perfect seamless funnel 🙂


Geeetech I3 Pro W – 3D model of the printer


The Geeetech I3 Pro W is one of the cheapest 3D printers on the market (2018). It suffers from some design issues. One of them is not enough rigid frame. To make the entire construction of the frame stiffer, I decided to make an 15mm thick acrylic frame. To do that I also had to create the 3D model of the printer first. If anybody needs the 3D model of the printer, the STP for downloading is here. Please note I tried to make everything as precise as possible, but I do not take any responsibility for any problems.