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Jak zgrać ulubione z TomTom’a

Z całą pewnością TomTom jest do bani. Czemu? Jeśli posiadasz TomTom pod  Androida i chcesz zgrać swoje ulubione, oficjalnie nie będziesz tego w stanie zrobić. Jeśli będziesz mieć odrobinę szczęścia i trochę wiedzy – wtedy być może uda Ci się zrootować swojego Androida. Jest to konieczne, ponieważ plik z ulubionymi jest trzymany w katalogu, do którego normalnie nie ma dostępu: data/data/com.tomtom.–mapname–/files/personal/pois/Favorites.ov2. Niestety, tak jak wspomniano, dostęp do tego folderu nie jest możliwy bez zrootowania telefonu, co ponadto teoretycznie unieważnia gwarancję. Continue reading Jak zgrać ulubione z TomTom’a

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How to backup favorites from TomTom in Android

TomTom sucks. This is for sure. Why? Because if you have a TomTom sat nav for Android and you want to backup your favorites – officially you won’t do this. If you are lucky and hood enough to root your Android device – your data is kept in data/data/com.tomtom.–mapname–/files/personal/pois/Favorites.ov2. Unfortunately, as I mentioned, you won’t get access to this folder without rooting your device, which will theoretically also void your device’s warranty. Continue reading How to backup favorites from TomTom in Android

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Hoegh Osaka

Hoegh Osaka cargo ship aground on Bramble Bank in the Solent, in pictures


2015.01.11 - Hoegh Osaka - 01NIKON D610 (420mm, f/7.1, 1/500 sec, ISO400)
2015.01.11 - Hoegh Osaka - 02NIKON D610 (420mm, f/6.3, 1/640 sec, ISO400)

As most people tucked into their roasts on Sunday, the Hampshire Constabulary reported a strange phenomenon: car parks around Calshot, a peninsula down the coast from Southampton, were filling up as tourists flocked to the area to take a look at a stricken car carrier, which had been deliberately run aground.

The 51,000-tonne Höegh Osaka had begun to list dangerously shortly after it left port on Saturday night, and the pilot and master had taken the decision to beach it, in an effort to save its cargo.

Salvage engineers now think that a JCB excavator could have broken free from its restraints and dug a hole in the side of the ship gounded on a sandbank in the Solent.


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