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Problem z konwersja 3gp do AVI

Nie spodziewałem się, że w dzisiejszych czasach pliki w formacie 3gp cały czas mogą jeszcze sprawiać problemy.

Ostatnio zacząłem używać w moim smartfonie (Android, HTC Desire HD) programu AutoGuard, który działa jak czarna skrzynka w samochodzie. Rejestruje prędkość, dźwięk oraz oczywiście obraz wideo. Program ma opcję zapisu w plikach avi, mpeg oraz 3gp.

Jednak, z niewiadomych mi przyczyn, zapisywanie obrazu w plikach mpeg oraz avi powoduje ich uszkodzenie.


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Marriott’s Way at Night

Arleta and I took a few pictures last night, during our bicycle short trip. We played with shadows and we tried to take a nice night sky picture, but it was not very easy because of the very small distance to Norwich. The sky just was not dark enough. I tried to improve the picture is Photoshop but unfortunately the result is not great.

Anyway, I really like Arleta’s shadows – we had a great fun when we were taking these pictures.

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How to make pefect 360° x 180° panoramas

For over a year my favourite part of photography are spherical panoramas.  When we talk about panoramas we must not forget that there are different kinds of panoramas.

Nowadays, even in mobile phone applications allow you to stitch several images together. Some people do panoramas without the zenith and neither nadir. Just the middle section of panoramas. Other people stitch a few pictures together to effectively achieve a much wider angle of view for pictures, but it is too hard to call these pics as panoramas. I take full spherical panoramas 360 ° x 180 °. Please believe me this it is quite a challenging part of photography!
In this post I publish a step-by-step information about the hardware and software needed to create a nice and perfect panoramas.

How these panoramic pictures look like?

Well, just the flattened image looks like the one below, and is thus not very attractive:

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