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Nikon D600 sensor dust problem.



I bought my Nikon D600 on 6th of February 2013. I was very happy with my camera. Just for a few days. Then, after a few days I got a few first dots on my pictures – just after a few days of using the camera and a few hundreds pictures taken!!!! Then I found in internet, that this particular model is familiar with this problem… But, it was too late, the camera was already bought so I sent the camera for repairing.

On the 22nd of February (about two weeks after purchasing) the camera was sent for repairing. Nikon kept the camera for almost a month.

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Nettleham Hall – 360° x 180° Panorama

Nettleham hall was the home of the Hood Family, a very popular family within the village of Nettleham. The famliy decended from John Hood who was the first of the Hood family to occupy Nettleham Hall. John Hood whom accompanied General Monk from Scotland on his way to restore Charles IIin January 1660. The main entrance is a magnificent set of wrought iron gates, these gates came from the demolished church of St.Peter at Arches Lincoln and were designed by Francis or William Smith circa 1720 with piers and flanking walls being dating from around 1890. The house had an underground system of tunnels to allow servants to move around the house. An old auction catalogue for the sale of the residence describes it as a charming stone built Georgian House with views of Lincoln Catherdral, it was sold with 3 acres of garden and 1,500 acres of shooting lands.
Nettleham hall burnt down around 1937 in mysterious circumstances.

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