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Long Exposure Photos in Fog – Happisburgh

Today I woke up at 5:30 and at 7 I arrived to Happisburgh. Google (see bottom of this article) keeps a quite old map, there is a nice car park now, unfortunately you will be charged for the parking. You can also leave your car in the village and walk from there about 10 minutes to the beach.

Anyway, the main purpose of my trip to Happisburgh was to take a few nice photos in a foggy time, using a high density neutral filter, to get the sea waves nicely blurred.

I hope you will like my pictures. Continue reading Long Exposure Photos in Fog – Happisburgh

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My best HDR photos + long exposure

Yesterday I received parcel with two filters – circular polarizing and neutral density gray 10 steps. This means that compared to a standard exposure time, using grey 10 steps filter causes increasing time or aperture by 10EV!

In addition, these photos I decided to create as HDR. Photos were taken 30 minutes minutes before sunset, ISO 100, aperture of f8 or so. Pictures had to be exposure for 15 sec, 1 min and then 3 minutes or so.

HDR images have been created directly from RAW files using the demo version of Machinery HDR software. I’m not an expert on HDR yet, so maybe pictures are a little cheesy, but I will try do betters in the future 馃檪

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Moje najlepsze zdj臋cia HDR + dlugie na艣wietlanie

Wczoraj przysz艂y mi dwa filtry – polaryzacyjny i neutralny szary o g臋sto艣ci 10. Oznacza to, 偶e w por贸wnaniu do standardowych czas贸w na艣wietlania ekspozycja musi zosta膰 zwi臋kszona o 10EV, czyli o 10 warto艣ci przys艂ony lub 10 warto艣ci czas贸w, lub oczywi艣cie odpowiednia ich kombinacja.

Ponadto poni偶sze zdj臋cia postanowi艂em stworzy膰 jako HDR. Fotki by艂y robione na kilkadziesi膮t minut przed zachodem s艂o艅ca, ISO 100, przys艂ona z tego co pami臋tam f8. 艢rodkowe, optymalne zdj臋cia by艂y na艣wietlane w tych warunkach oko艂o minuty. Ciemniejsze by艂y na艣wietlane oko艂o 15 sekund, najja艣niejsze po oko艂o 2…3 minuty.

Przy tak g臋stym filtrze niemo偶liw膮 rzecz膮 by艂o kadrowanie, poniewa偶 w wizjerze nic nie widzia艂em. Poniewa偶 nie chcia艂o mi si臋 zak艂ada膰 i zdejmowa膰 filtra, postanowi艂em na艣wietla膰 zdj臋cie kilka sekund i korygowa膰 ustawienie aparatu na statywie. Tak偶e automatyczne ustalenie ekspozycji by艂o niemo偶liwe, czasy zosta艂y dobrane w trybie manualnym na zasadzie pr贸b i b艂臋d贸w. Efekty prosz臋 oceni膰 samemu.

Jako ciekawostk臋 podam, 偶e linia wody by艂a bardzo blisko statywu, kt贸ry w czasie na艣wietlania by艂 podmywany i… porusza艂 si臋. Dlatego kilka zdj臋膰 nie wysz艂o 馃檪

Zdj臋cia HDR zosta艂y stworzone bezpo艣rednio z plik贸w RAW za pomoc膮 wersji demonstracyjnej Machinery HDR. Nie jestem jeszcze ekspertem od HDR, wi臋c by膰 mo偶e obrazki s膮 troch臋 kiczowate, ale b臋d臋 si臋 stara艂 w przysz艂o艣ci bardziej 馃檪

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Norwich at Night – Panoramic Photos

Panoramic Night Photos

The photo below has been made by joining 92 individual pictures. Each row – I did 6 of them – has got approximately 16 pictures. Each picture has been overlapped about 50%. My first panoramic photo has been made by overlapping each photo only about 20% and Photoshop could not join them together…

The first two pictures are exactly the same but the first one is in sepia, the second one is just black and white. The third pic is a “planet” made in PS from the first one.

To avoid different frame exposures, I set up all parameters manually: Continue reading Norwich at Night – Panoramic Photos

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